Walking tour to the Chernobyl zone and dead city Pripyat

illegal tour to the Chernobyl zone and dead city Pripyat


Chernobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon. If you plan to visit Ukraine, or already in the country, don’t miss the most important and unique features.


The main square of Pripyat, Ferris wheel in the Park. Advanced skills gained in practical work with radiation accident in his native land for more than a quarter of a century, received Ukrainians among the world leaders.You learn a lot of important and not known to many things about radiation; radioactive contamination and radiation survival, which is fundamentally useful in our time, as recently shown us all the accident at the nuclear power plant » Fukushima «.

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In our tour you can visit places that are inaccessible to a simple official tourist. This is the Anti-aircraft missile system «Volkhov», will climb to the top of the DUGA facility (Russian woodpecker), VNZ «Krug», Pripyat town, see rare animals, many abandoned villages of the zone. You can admire the Chernobyl zone in unlimited time. So can not del official tours! Only with us you can be a real stalker! I, a professional stalker and a conductor to the Chernobyl zone, invite you to the Chernobyl zone!

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Radiation makes the area particularly interesting. Significantly decreased the contamination area, after a large radiation incident. Fortunately became safe for visitors. Of course, in the Central part of the zone there are still places with high levels of radiation, but if you follow the suggested route and guide directions, then a visit to the Chernobyl zone is completely radiation-safe.
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For our campaign needs experience hiking, we will go on Forests, for carrying a backpack with equipment, food and water, to sleep at the same time in the abandoned houses in which people lived before

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Our tour to zone will help you to better understand the underlying mechanisms of the world in which you live, discover new amazing features of your body and soul, to rethink his life in a broader perspective — and hopefully change it for the better. there.
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What are the risks for illegal travelers?

If you are caught inside the Zone, you can get in a lot of a fine of 500 UAH (currently about 20 USD)

How high is the risk of being caught by the Police?

The risk of being caught by the police of the zone is minimal. We are experienced guides to the Chernobyl zone and have been dealing with this matter for over 7 years.

What radiation levels do you observe during your trips?

Almost all forests are clean, although at some places the background radiation levels are 60-100 times higher than normal. However, these are insignificant doses of radiation compared to what a smoker receives when they smoke, for instance.


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The diversity and richness of the Chernobyl zone is so vast that it is impossible to cover it in 1-day official visit. The desire to open and share this wealth in the area visitors and to satisfy the needs of our visitors, we have a program 5-8 day stalker-tours. In multiple-day tours, in addition to more detailed acquaintance with the most well-known objects, you get a unique opportunity to be immersed in the beautiful nature area untrodden corners. In addition, you will be able to feel the magic of the Chernobyl zone.

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